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Coaching on social media services opens the door to the world of social media, offering your company the opportunity to skillfully manage its social media channels.

This training program/course/hour (can be customized) is designed to support novice entrepreneurs as well as more experienced operators in improving the use of social media. With the help of coaching, you will learn to utilize the power of algorithms, create enchanting content, and develop strategies that empower your brand on social media. Social media coaching not only unlocks the secrets of social media technology but also helps you create meaningful interactions with your target audience.

Some of the services can also be purchased as a product.

Social media audit

How to get started with social media

Defining a buyer persona

Development tips

and other coaching

Social media audit

In the social media audit, I review the consistency and functionality of your company's social media content based on the information you provide. Auditing can also be done together.


The audit examines e.g.:

- Different profiles and branding

- Content (quality, consistency, used # and @)


In addition, we take a stand on what currently works well and what could be developed and how.


Auditing can be used to enhance the company's marketing, support branding, and make necessary corrections to achieve goals.

The price is €74.4 including VAT.

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How to get started with social media

Let's go through the social media channels that suit you together.


Let's set up the channels and make the necessary links and initial settings.


You'll get started in the world of social media and get a quick guide to making updates and maintaining apps and data. Quick guidance is reviewed remotely, using TEAMS. 


The service can also be applied to individual channels and apps, such as: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, google analytics, Canva, Lightroom.


Terms of service The customer must have a computer or mobile phone with which the service can be implemented.


Familiarization takes place remotely either via a mobile phone or TEAMs.

Price €55.80 / hour including VAT.

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Defining a buyer persona

I define your company's buyer persona by getting to know the company, the industry, the information I get from the entrepreneur himself, and any available data.

Price €179.8 including VAT.


Development tips and other coaching

Ask whatever comes to mind and wherever you need help.

I give advice, help and guide. The price is determined by the work, starting from €0. 

You can send a message via e-mail, chat, Instagram or via the form. 

Feel free to contact us!

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