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Payment methods

​Payment methods and terms

Paying for products and services

Klarna, Payment terms

In the Klarna Checkout service, purchases can also be paid securely with different payment cards, of which we accept Visa and Mastercard cards, VisaElectron. VisaElectron payments can only be made with cards from banks that support the service. If necessary, contact your bank to confirm the payment option of your VisaElectron card.


Online banks

When you choose an online bank as a payment method, you will be directed to your own online bank. You can pay through Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Aktia, Säästöpankki and S-bank. In an online bank payment, the total amount of your order is debited from your account immediately. Paying via the online bank is safe, your information is not transferred to outside parties.

Klarna bill

Klarna will send an invoice to the address you provided by e-mail at the point when your order has been sent from us. The invoice has 14 days for payment. A payment note will be sent for late payment and it must be paid to the account indicated in the new invoice. An unpaid invoice will be charged a reminder fee of five euros and interest on late payment according to the valid reference interest rate.

To pay with an invoice, you must have a valid social security number and permanent residence in Finland. If you choose an invoice as the payment method for your order, Klarna will perform a credit information inquiry, and if the information is correct, your order will be processed directly. If you are not granted the option to pay by invoice, you will receive an error message at the same time and you can choose an alternative payment method.

More information about Klarna Invoice

Klarna Installment payment

Through Klarna, you can also pay for your order in installments. You can choose between a fixed installment payment of 3 – 36 months and a flexible installment payment. With flexible installment payments, you can pay at your own pace and choose the amount you want to pay off your debt each month. Please note that when you choose the installment payment option, Klarna will charge you an additional fee according to the price list. You can pay the remaining amount on the invoice in full at any time.

More information about Klarna installment payments

You can find more information about Klarna at and you can also contact Klarna's customer service (

Apple Pay

Card payments

You can pay with the most common payment cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, ChinaUnionPay, JCB, Diners, Castesbancaires, Discover, Visa Electron and Maestro.

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